Are you looking for the best telecommunication ETFs? There are billions of active smartphone users today. It is a fact that smartphones make life fast and more convenient than in previous times. For example, ordering food, bill payments, and many others are instant and quick. It is also easy due to the telecommunication services.

Moreover, worldwide information technology is also taking a significant interest in investors. The telecommunication ETFs have companies’ underlying assets, enabling them to provide fixed-line services. So mobile phone carriers and manufacturers hold tremendous potential for increasing their wealth.

Now there are plenty of telecommunication ETFs that you can choose from. But few are gaining millions of dollars. So here we will share the five best telecommunication ETFs you can consider for our investment.

Telecommunication Services ETFs

The scope of telecommunication services ETF was gaining so much popularity and pooled significantly to cast the investments. The ETFs provide landline services, mobile carriers, media houses, and many more. The ETFs from the communication services help you get a share in these companies at affordable rates.

Certain evaluation factors help you choose the best telecommunication ETFs, including expense ratio, performance, liquidity, and their total AUM for investing in an ETF. We also use specific criteria to select the best Telecommunication ETFs.
So let’s dive into it.

SPDR S&P Telecom ETF

The SPDR S&P Telecom ETF is one of the oldest telecommunication ETFs in the market. SPDR tracks the S&P telecom select industry index and offers the best services based on broad exposure. Considering the SPDR S&P Telecom ETF ratio, its opening rate is around $61.98, which changes by 0.32 percent. However, it also shows the lowest expense ratio with a high annual turnout. SPDR S&P Telecom ETF offers historical performance over the past few years and attracts investors.


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Fidelity MSCI Telecommunication Services Index ETF

Fidelity MSCI telecommunication services index ETF has been in the telecommunication market since October 2013. It started tracking the MSCI USA and IMI telecommunication services at the 25/50 index. So it offers the communication services sector in the US equity market.

During 2020 the opening rate of $29.64 with a significant change rate of 0.85 percent. The lowest expense ratio of 0.08 percent with a total AUM of millions. Fidelity MSCI telecommunication services have a high liquidity rate with an average daily trade volume of millions of shades. Fidelity MSCI telecommunication services index ETF shows an incredible ratio of performances.

First Trust Indxx NextG ETF

It has been one of the best telecommunication ETFs in the market since 2011. First trust indxx NextG ETF tracks the indxx 5G and thematic index. It offers exposure to other companies and goes into the research and development of new 5G cellular technology. The opening rate of the first trust indxx nextG ETF is around $48.16, with a changing rate of 0.02 percent. However, the expense ratio of the first trust indxx NextG WTF is comparatively low liquidity with the average trade volume of shares.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is the oldest telecommunication service ETF in the market since 1975. It has more than 11 million registered accounts with more than $1 trillion in assets. You can also open your account or investment with TD Ameritrade with a zero deposit for any service fee.

So it is a commission-free trade on TD Ameritrade except for the broker traders. The broker-assisted trades prices for $25 per trade. It is one of the powerful platforms that offers advanced trading tools and customization trading algorithms. You can monitor the market through and then invest according to your analysis.

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Defiance 5G Next Gen Connectivity ETF

Now it is the last telecommunication ETF on our list. The investment seeks the tracking of return performance before any fees and expenses. The defiance 5g next-gen connectivity ETF helps to approach passive management and track the total return performance. The total index consists of the tiered and modified markets for providing the equity securities and tied development of 5G networking.


Every telecommunication ETFs has a different index and opening rates. You can choose the ETF services according to your requirements and investment plans.
We hope this guide will help you select the best Telecommunication ETFs and get the best shares.