Metaverse can be defined as multiple virtual spaces that are consistent with 3D online features. Many users refer to it as the next generation internet, because it allows users to game, work, meet, and socialize in 3D spaces. The metaverse is run with the player controlling an avatar, it is referred to as augmented reality. This system of network allows its user to virtually be present in a meeting and still feel physically present in the meeting. Traders are also allowed to play blockchain-based games. Cryptocurrencies are a very crucial part of the metaverse network. Crypto represents the metaverse tokens, while the NFT’s are the virtual tokens. In this article, we will be looking at the top 5 metaverse crypto to buy.

The top 5 metaverse crypto to buy

The metaverse is a new network that is still gathering momentum. However, a lot of crypto networks have taken interest in the new network. Meta Hero, Sandbox, Axie Infinity and so many more are part of the popular crypto metaverse. Listed below are the top 5 metaverse crypto to buy.

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Meta Hero (HERO)

Meta Hero is an escape for the metaverse. The network ushered in new 10 million users to cryptocurrency by utilizing the Ultra-HD photogrammetric scanning technology.
One of the top administrators in the 3D scanning world Wolf Studio has patterned with Meto Hero to work on its program. The introduction of the network’s meta scanners in the metaverse builds several use cases such as printing, in-game character production, and scanning network.
The network committee already founded its 4k HD scanners but as of recent Meta Hero is presently working on improving their network to a 16k Ultra-HD. The network is presently being traded at $0.084916, with a market cap of $434,376,844. The network has been bearish in the last 24 hours with a circulating volume of 5.1 Billion HERO coins. The coin has a total supply of 9.77 Billion. a high of from it’s all-time high of $0.252021 that was generated in December.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axis Infinity is one of the Metaverse with the highest market cap. The network has a market cap of over $5 billion. The network is virtually a game but also comprises virtual real estate, which has attracted more investors that aren’t game players. For instance, a plot on Axies was recently sold for $2.3 million. The local currency for Axie Infinity is the AXS token in the metaverse game, and looking at the reports so far, the token has fared well last year.
However, the performance of AXS YTD is -20.91% which doesn’t look so promising for most traders, but the coin has picked up a bullish trend in recent days.
Although the network is based on the idea of a metaverse, without the inclusion of VR so far. However, it is based on the objectives of blockchain and crypto, thereby giving the public power to control the network.

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Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox is a crypto metaverse network that has exhibited remarkable performance. The conventional token of the SAND platform has been on a constant bullish run since 2021 and eventually surpassed the $1 mark during the last quarter, and maintained its bullish trend.

In addition to its Virtual Reality element, the network is comprehending the vision of the metaverse. It is virtually a game that is established on the production and trade of NFTs. Players can develop NFTs using the SAND metaverse tokens.
Just like every other crypto network, this network is also based on Ethereum.

The good thing about Sandbox is that the network has a restricted coin supply of three billion tokens. This coin supply has about 680 million currently being used. As of January 19th, 2022, the coin recorded a market cap of $3.690 billion. The Sandbox token is currently doing well recording a YTD performance of 462.52%.

Bloktopia (BLOK)

Bloktopic is quite a new program related to other metaverse networks. However, the network has managed to captivate some top-notch investors in the gaming sector, such as Animoca Brands. The project also influenced top crypto exchanges in laughing their virtual departments within bloktopia, for example, the Kucoin, and Coinmarketcap exchanges. This network is one of the metaverse programs powered by the polygon network. The game makes use of a developed real-time 3D production engine. This enables users to purchase BLOK real estate through the NFT mechanism. The utility of the BLOK real estate via the NFT engine. The use of the BLOK tokens rises with its staking network which offers up to 60% in annual yield.


Due to the major throwing issue surrounding the Virtual reality differences in profit opportunities, nevtrk was created to solve many issues arising from the market. This network is not restricted to just youths, adults, or any specific profession. The targeted audience is widespread and they are useable by both youths, kids, and adults for any profession. The Nevtrk was built to accommodate anyone ranging from a content creator to a developer. There are plans for the commencement of this content creation platform, as many industries and companies have registered their interest in collaboration and advertisement. And the best method is to use this as a cost-efficient virtual platform. The best thing about this network is that the network’s interface has top-notch customizable components. Users are given the ability to create games, build in a virtual platform and sell it to distinct DeMars or transform it to an NFT. This gives rise to extensive chances inside the metaverse, making it stand out among other platforms.


A lot of Metaverse platforms are being formed daily, which makes it difficult for investors to choose the best tokens to invest in. However, some tokens have profit potential and are good investment opportunities. Metaverse is linked to blockchain and crypto, which makes it a good form of investment. Additionally, NFT seems to be the rave at the moment and most investors are swinging towards it.

Nevertheless, just like every other form of investment, do not invest with all your savings. This is because irrespective of how profitable the metaverse market is, there is no guarantee that the winning streak will thrive. It is advisable to invest wisely and not be greedy. Also, ensure to make a good and thorough market research before investing with a token.