Interest among people in eSports and gaming is increasing along with time. As a result, you may think about investing your money on the best gaming ETFs without keeping a doubt in mind. Here is a list of top 5 gaming ETFs that you can invest in as of now.

Best Gaming ETFs to Buy

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Roundhill BITKRAFT Esports – NERD

NERD, which began in the middle of 2019 and charges a fee of 0.25 percent, is less expensive than other companies on our list but only has roughly $100 million in assets. Similar to ESPO and HERO, NERD is a holding company for businesses engaged in eSports or similar commercial ventures, such as publishing, production, leagues, as well as tournaments for video games, and also gaming gear and technology. NERD has 31 holdings, all of which are nearly evenly weighted.

Wedbush ETFMG Video Game Tech – GAMR

With just over $100 million of assets, GAMR is comparable to NERD. Technically speaking, GAMR has a more “pure play” in video game developers, fans, and retailers, but oddly, it owns almost one-fourth of GameStop. The costliest stock on the list, GAMR, has 93 holdings as well as a 0.75 percent expense ratio. Given the alternatives, I would probably choose to avoid this one.

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VanEck Vectors eSports and Video Gaming – ESPO

ESPO aims to follow the MVIS Global Video Gaming & eSports Index. It ought to be regarded as essentially similar to HERO before. Their resources are quite similar. At 0.55 percent, ESPO is somewhat more costly. One can argue that ESPO is less diverse. It has 25 assets while HERO has 40.

Global X eSports and Video Games – HERO

Companies engaged in the creation of video games, their publishing or streaming, the management of eSports tournaments, or the manufacturing of video game gear, including mixed and virtual reality, may get visibility via HERO. The fund has a liquidity screening process but no regional restrictions, making it internationally diversified.

One of the great things about HERO to note is that it offers exposure to different companies that are currently engaged in the production as well as development of video games, operation of different eSports leagues, distribution and streaming of video games, and the development of gaming hardware. It caps the overall weight of anyone who is holding in order to overcome concentration. Some of the best holdings of HERO include Electronic Arts and Nvidia.

Roundhill iGaming & Sports Betting – BETZ

The Roundhill Sports Betting & iGaming ETF makes investments in businesses that run physical or virtual sports books, internet gambling sites, and businesses that support these businesses with infrastructure or technology.

Even while BETZ may not now seem to be one of the gaming ETFs, we anticipate that as the gaming industry continues to grow, it will. It presently has significant holdings in gaming companies including Flutter Entertainment, DraftKings, which owns Penn National Gaming, and FanDuel, which owns Barstool. The above-board infrastructure is still developing since until a few years ago, the services provided by these businesses were unlawful. We believe that BETZ has the potential to eventually include esports betting.

Final words

Over the last year, the gaming sector inside the Consumer Discretionary & Communications sectors has outperformed the overall market. As more individuals choose to spend their leisure time at home these days, interest in eSports and gaming has increased. The negative perception that has long existed about video gamers is also fading as eSports has established itself as a profitable professional path for the top of the best. While keeping these facts in mind, you may invest in any of these gaming ETFs.