One of the most significant geopolitical problems in recent history has been brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Defense equities were thought to be unappealing, at least in the short term after the U.S. government withdrew its soldiers from Afghanistan last year. Nevertheless, defense equities have held up well throughout the current recession, as numerous wealthy nations increased their military spending in response to the war in Russia and Ukraine. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 of the best defense stocks to invest your money in as of now.

Best Defense Stocks to Buy

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DuPont – DD

Applied sciences & chemicals behemoth DuPont has suddenly become a viable defensive investment pick. The need for body armor increased as a result of the Ukrainian conflict, and DuPont produced possibly the most effective armor, Kevlar. Recent assistance announcements from Biden include sending body armor and other defense equipment to Ukraine.

Police forces and military personnel have favored Kevlar, the company’s top proprietary product. Additionally, Kevlar is used in a variety of industries, including aircraft, adhesives, and automobiles. Future Market Insights predicts that the market would expand steadily at 5.2 percent till 2032.

Northrop Grumman – NOC

Space, aeronautics, missions, and military systems make up the four primary divisions of Northrop Grumman, a highly diverse defense company. Despite the fact that its military systems account for the smallest portion of overall sales, this figure has increased over time. It also has additional power to expand its military segment going forward given the size at which it operates. Due to Covid-19 challenges, company earnings were under pressure during the first quarter. Despite the deterioration, its dividend rose by 10%.

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Booz Allen Hamilton – BAH

It has become common knowledge that Booz Allen Hamilton is one of the top intelligence agencies in the world. This is a consulting and research company that primarily serves clients in the public sector. It provides a broad range of services, such as analytics, cyber, and technology services. Less than 30% of its customers are from the civil sector; the majority are from the military industry. With five-year sales and EBITDA growth of 7.61 percent and 11 percent, respectively, Booz provides investors a very alluring growth profile.

Raytheon Technologies – RTX

One of the top military companies, Raytheon Technologies offers a variety of aerospace parts and aviation engines. Commercial aviation, which has been severely impacted by the epidemic, accounts for around 30% of company revenue. Additionally, its aviation company is still suffering from the supply-chain problems and revenue loss from Russia. However, thanks to sector tailwinds, its military division has shown to be substantially more effective. Recently, its Javelin anti-tank bombs and Stinger missiles have gained enormous popularity.

Lockheed Martin – LMT

The aerospace behemoth Lockheed Martin is a pure-play military contractor. Long-term government contracts, which operate as a reliable source of income for the company, are the foundation of its operations. Additionally, it will probably succeed in creating additional weapons for NATO nations and backfilling those given to Ukraine. It also has a fantastic dividend profile, with payment increases spanning more than 20 years.

When the American Defense Department recently reduced its Wishlist by 35%, LMT stockholders suffered. However, Canada and Europe, which have combined orders for 223 F-35 fighter fighters, have more than made up for the loss in orders.

Final words

Among defense stocks to invest as of now, these are the best stocks that we can recommend. Take a look at all these defense stocks in detail, and pick the right ones to invest your money accordingly.