The internet has undoubtedly changed our lives by adding more speed and efficiency to the way we do things while also making it easier to bridge the distance between online and offline interaction. A lot of businesses nowadays get their transactions done online while their customers receive the product or service paid for in person. While all of that is incredible, SocialBlox intends to take it up a notch by drastically eliminating the distance between offline and online interaction.

It cannot be denied anymore that the metaverse is a real concept that is approaching at the speed of light whether we want to accept it or not and SocialBlox intends to be at the forefront of capitalizing on this concept by becoming the first social media platform to blur the line between real life and online interaction. It is designed in such a way that smart contracts will be made available to users which will create new possibilities that are exciting and intriguing. This will give users of the platform the opportunity to challenge one another thus leading to the creation of organic mind-stimulating content regularly. When users complete one another’s challenges, users will earn SocialBlox tokens also known as SBLX. Also, they can determine the kind of content they wish to see on their timeline through the challenges.

Social media is about to be transformed into a new age where content is no more passive but will be on-demand which is why SocialBlox was born: to give people a platform where they can produce content that will be in demand consistently without having to sacrifice or jeopardize their privacy. The platform makes use of blockchain technologies and new functionalities to revolutionize the way we view and use social media. Due to the transparent nature of blockchain technology, it ensures that the platform has a secure and open community-based voting system. It also prioritizes privacy thus allowing users to secure and control their private data or have earnings from ads only selected by them.

Features of SocialBlox

With a glimpse of what SocialBlox is, let us now examine some of the characteristics of the platform:

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For now, the platform is in the first stage of selling its tokens known as the seed round, and currently there is a tiny amount of SocialBlox tokens or SBLX still available for 0.0008 Tether (USDT) per token. The next stage will be the early-adopter stage where the price of an SBLX will be between 0.0013 USDT and 0.0018 USDT while the last stage which is known as the public round will see SBLX sell for 0.0020 USDT in accordance with the first-come-first-served principle.
The platform adheres to regulations and compliance protocols which was why it was possible for it to open a Dutch bank account so that participants can use euros and U.S. dollars to purchase SBLX apart from USDT.


The challenges serve to be a very peculiar feature of this platform as it allows users to create unique content. After completing a challenge, such a user will earn SBLX with smart contracts being put in place to address the concerns about conditional transactions.

The challenge is designed in such a way that when the unique content is uploaded to SocialBlox, other users get to vote by paying a small fee of a few SBLX to determine if the challenge has been completed or not. If the users have voted correctly, then they will have the SBLX that was used to vote returned to them. The only question is, what happens when they vote wrongly? This has been thought of by the founder, Michael Ipenburg who has developed a reliable system. If 95% of the users should vote ‘true’ while the remaining 5% vote ‘false,’ then the algorithm identifies the 5% liars. The number of SBLX of those detected to be liars by the system is then allocated to the users that voted truthfully.

SocialBlox Website

As earlier mentioned, users of SocialBlox are in control of what they see by challenging other users to create unique content and also obtain SocialBlox tokens but in addition to that, the platform intends to provide users with as many privacy settings as possible. According to the founder, users, therefore, have a choice between having an ‘ad-free’ SocialBlox account or going with ‘ad-mode’ which will be an opportunity to earn more SocialBlox tokens.

If a user should decide to go for the ad-mode account, they are in charge of the type of advertisements that will be shown. For example, if a user should indicate he/she is a car enthusiast and therefore wants to only see adverts about cars, then that is the only kind of advertisement the user will see. And for each ad watched, the user will earn a certain amount of SBLX.


Considering it is a platform that intends to revolutionize social media, innovation is a cornerstone of its setup. Therefore, there is a highly skilled team that constantly makes continuous improvements to the platform so that users are offered great value consistently.

In the next stage of the platform’s operation, SocialBlox will be making a reversed marketplace available which is a feature that works in such a way that a seller can make an offer to a buyer that is looking for a particular item or product. This reverse marketplace will work based on smart contracts. At a later stage, there will be a built-in virtual reality that will enable users to view content in virtual reality

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So far, the platform has enjoyed unprecedented success with the first stages of its token sale getting numerous applications and almost complete. People have recognized the potential it holds and are already picking up on it and it looks to be a ‘breath of fresh air’ in a seemingly congested world of social media. It is already being touted as the future of social media and there is a possibility that it might eventually be another social media giant like Facebook and Twitter.