To create a blockchain game, there has to be excellent gameplay, innovative storylines, characters, and graphics. There should also be seamless connectivity with guaranteed access for players so that it will be easy to have an ongoing market for trading in-game items. There must be a minimal barrier to entry and the game should be available to play anywhere there is internet access whether it is outside on a mobile phone or at home on the desktop, smart TV, or games console.

Most traditional AAA games are centralized such that software development is done in-house and tailored to what the company thinks the player wants but it’s a different case with blockchain games as they are decentralized. This means players are in total control and own all of their in-game assets such as their characters. The assets can be built from the scratch and then traded, sold, or even rented to other players.

A new generation of blockchain-based games is on the rise and a good example is Cornucopias. In these types of games, players get to choose what to play while also getting paid to play instead of paying to play.

What is Cornucopias?

Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is an enormous Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn, Learn-To-Earn blockchain-based game where rewards for players include owning land, properties, and other NFT (non-fungible tokens) based assets that have real-world value. All of these can be acquired by simply playing games in a metaverse that is fun and secure. The metaverse is gradually becoming prominent and is projected to be a major part of our lives in the coming years. This is something many of these companies utilizing blockchain technology are willing to capitalize on by releasing products or offering services that make the most of the metaverse.

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‘The Island’ is divided into a variety of themed zones which include ‘Wild West’ zone, ‘Farm Life’ zone, and ‘Age of The Samurai’ zone just to mention a few. Across these zones, people of all ages can engage in playing a series of mini-games, getting immersed and lost in the play-to-earn ecosystem where real-world value can be earned as the players take to building and exploration in the safe and secure world of the metaverse.

How does Cornucopias work?

For very creative players, they have a chance to craft or design their own items such as beds, coffee tables, and other household furnishings. These items can then be minted into an “Island Blueprint” that can be purchased by other players, combined with other materials, and then used to craft a brand new NFT within the game. Once created, the crafter can play with the available items in their virtual dwelling or sell the items to other players to use or to sell again as well.

Cornucopias Website Review

‘The Island’ blends gaming with real-world commerce which enables it to create opportunities for traditional and eCommerce companies to sell and promote their brands as well as goods and services to a new set of audience that they potentially have never had access to before. While the metaverse world of the game targets individuals who are interested in playing the game, it also affords companies a unique set of opportunities to expand their customer base if they are willing to do so.

‘The Island’ is available globally as it is built on the Unreal 5 games engine which is compatible with the PC, game consoles, mobile phones, and smart TVs. Also, it will be powered, governed, and consistently evolving due to an increasing number of communities which include Unreal game Developers, 3D Artists, blockchain, Voxel, Modelers, and people that are generally game enthusiasts.

The game contains a new form of currency economics that will be intriguing to creators and players as they will be able to create and trade their personalized NFTs within the game or even on third-party marketplaces. This way, the days of having their purchased game assets trapped inside a single game are brought to an end.

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This encompasses the COPI Coin within the world of Cornucopias ‘The Island’ as it is the token used to create the economy that is present in the game. With the COPI Coin, players can do the following:

  • Play-to-Earn
  • Earn rewards
  • Buy NFTs of land, character, and game assets
  • Be a part of governance by becoming a token holder

Presently, there are 3.84 billion total tokens for the game with varying allocations for different categories in which play-to-earn has the largest allocation which shows the commitment to make as many tokens as possible available to players of the game.

To purchase COPI tokens, you have to be careful as there are scams out there that can rip you off and the only place to purchase genuine COPI tokens is on Pancakeswap. There is a specific process to follow in making the purchase which is described below to ensure that you are making the right purchase from the right source:

Cornucopias BC contract: 0xfea292e5ea4510881bdb840e3cec63abd43f936f

NFT Sale

The first NFT sale of Cornucopias will be happening soon and interested players need to be ready but some preparations need to be made for you to participate in the sale.

  1. Install a Compatible Wallet: to participate in this NFT sale, the first step is to ensure you have installed a compatible wallet extension on the browser of your desktop computer. Only the NAMI wallet will be compatible for the first sale but other wallets will be added in the future.
  2. Availability of ADA in your Wallet: the next step after installing the compatible wallet is to transfer the amount of ADA that you intend on spending during the NFT sale. It is important to also have a little extra to cover Cardano transactional fees.
  3. Desktop browser only: you will only be able to participate in the sale via a desktop browser that has the necessary wallet extensions installed.

A disruptive gaming revolution is rising and Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is waiting for everyone to come and be a part of the fun so that together, the world of gaming can be changed forever.